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If you are having problems then your first port of call should be this wiki – we have listed and described every function that is included in the Horace package. See here for details.

In addition the Matlab function files each have detailed notes describing how the function works and what it does. To see these notes type

help “function name”

in the Matlab command window, where “function name” is the name of the function you want help with.

If all else fails, or you find a bug in the code, then please email Horace Help, and one of the Horace development team will get back to you.


Horace will be updated periodically as bug fixes are applied and new functionality is added. This online manual will be relevant only to the latest official release. Previous versions of the manual will remain available, however you are strongly urged to keep your copy of Horace up to date. To this end, when you download Horace you will be asked to supply a valid email address. You will then be emailed when major new releases become available. Support will not be provided for out-of-date versions of Horace!!