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Horace: visualising and manipulating S(Q,w) measured in all four dimensions

Horace is a suite of programs for the visualisation and analysis of large datasets from time-of-flight neutron inelastic scattering spectrometers. The theory behind, and application of, Horace has been published in Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research. It is freely available online here, from where you can also download a pdf copy under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Please cite this paper if you have used Horace in your research. More details about citing Horace can be found here.

  • In order to receive updates about Horace you must register on the Horace-announce mailing list, so that you can be updated with important bug fixes, etc. Your information will not be passed to any third-parties, nor will it be used for anything other than the aforementioned purpose.

Main Horace documentation

Main Horace documentation is located on GitHub Doc Pages.

If you have questions about Horace usage or Horace installation, please feel free contacting our team, who will be back to help you.

Horace code

Horace code together with additional software, developed for analysis of excitations within the frames of PACE project, namely Herbert and Euphonic can be downloaded from GitHub

DEPRECATION NOTICE: Old Horace Wiki documentation

Old Horace Wiki documentation still available here. On 01/07/2021 old documentation and the documentation, present on GitHub Doc pages are mainly identical but eventually wiki documentation can and will become outdated.