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The Horace Graphical User Interface (GUI) is now in a beta testing phase. It is included in the latest distributions of Horace and we welcome comments from users regarding how it could be improved (please email Horace Help with feedback).

Please note that the bottom 3 buttons, combine, rebin and symmetrise; are linked to new functions which are still being tested. Therefore if you use either of these 3 options we cannot guarantee that the output will be correct in all circumstances! We hope to finish testing these operations soon.

Using the GUI

To open the GUI simply type in the Matlab command window:

>> horace

The following figure should then appear:

Main GUI window

In particular note the white messages area in the bottom left corner. In this box (or similar in popups) a message is displayed whenever you perform an operation. If the operation worked the the message will be "Success!". Otherwise a message explaining what was wrong will be displayed.

There are three main tabs which one can toggle between. The first is a tab which guides you through creation of an sqw file

SQW file creation completed

The next is to cut data from an sqw file that has already been made:

Cutting data from a file on disk

The main GUI window is for dealing with data that have already been cut from file, and are now sitting in your computer's memory:

Cutting data from a file on disk

Within this tab there are multiple tabs which you can toggle between to run the various operations in Horace, such as plotting, taking cuts from cuts, symmetrising, binary operations, etc, etc.

The symmetrisation tab

The binary operations tab

The unary operations tab