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Horace: visualising and manipulating S(Q,w) measured in all four dimensions

Horace is a suite of programs for the visualisation and analysis of large datasets from time-of-flight neutron inelastic scattering spectrometers. For more information read this.



We are holding a workshop to provide tuition in how to use Horace. The course is being held at the ISIS neutron source, UK, and is being done jointly with the SpinW team, with two days spent on Horace and two spent on SpinW. Further details and registration are available HERE

New Horace file format

From 01/01/2017 Horace installed on the ISIScompute and available for download writes files in a new file format, containing instrument and sample information necessary for future resolution convolution calculations. All sqw files produced by Horace before are supported and will be supported in a future, but if you produce sqw files, using Horace issued after 01/01/2017, you will not be able to work with new files using earlier versions of Horace. To work with these files you need to update your Horace installation.

Horace paper

We are pleased to report that our paper detailing the theory behind and application of Horace has been published in Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research. It freely available online here, from where you can also download a pdf copy under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Please cite this paper if you have used Horace in your research. More details about citing Horace can be found here.

Matlab 2014b and later

The release of Matlab 2014b included some major changes to the way graphics are handled. We have modified our graphics routines to account for these changes but the changes are so big that some errors may still remain unnoticed.

If you find any problems with the graphics in Horace, please report them in the usual way. We thank you for your understanding in the meantime.

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