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SVN server

The Horace code can be accessed on svn at Horace svn. The current Horace tickets are currently tracked on Horace track. To use Horace you also need Herbert, which can be checked out from the Herbert repository. To get write access to Horace/Herbert you must request a subscription to the svn server, thourh you can download the current version of Horace/Herbert using svn without any subscription.

Horace configuration on isiscompute servers

The technical information on how to configure Matlab to use Horace on isiscompute severs can be accessed through this link

Building Horace distribution kit

Horace web distribution kit is provided for users who does not have access or does not want to access Horace on isiscompute servers. It is generated from a Horace code by make_horace_deployment_kit script, found within Horace admin folder. A developer, who wants to generate Horace distribution kit should run this script from Matlab session with the Horace initialized to the version, intended for distribution, and selecting Matlab current working directory located outside of the Horace code tree. Within this directory the script generates number of zip files, corresponding to various Horace&Herbert distributions flavours. These files have to be then placed manually into the folder, exposed to the web through the Horace distribution kit link.

Physically, the web folder is currently located on ISIS internal network at shadow server and exposed through \\shadow\horacekits$ (Horace) and \\shadow\libisiskits$ (Mslice) folders. Access to these folders as Windows shares needs developers federal ID and password. You may need to ask Freddie Akeroyd for write access to the web folders.

Alex Buts usually updates web distribution kit each time Horace isiscompute severs version is updated.

Wiki page editing protocol

(N.B. For Horace web editors only)

First, do NOT use the subsection edit links on long pages. Always use the edit tab at the top of the page, in order to avoid formatting problems.

In order to ensure that the Horace website remains self consistent, there are several checks you need to make.

  • If you need to create a brand new page (use sparingly) for your entry, simply type the URL that you would like it to have into your browser's address bar. This will load a blank page, with the option create instead of edit at the top.
  • Generally, you should try to append your new entry to an existing page. If you create a subheading (see existing pages for code examples) then you can link to this from elsewhere.
  • Consider whether your new entry merits an addition to the Example_scripts section. If so, make the change. Also add the change to the example scripts held on ISIScompute, to ensure consistency.
  • Ensure your new edit, if it describes a new routine, is correctly linked in the List of functions page.